FAQ: Why do I have problems when I log in to PureCloud multiple times at the same time?

Currently PureCloud does not support logging in to the same PureCloud account multiple times simultaneously. Multiple simultaneous logins include: the same account logged in to web app on multiple tabs or browsers, the same account logged in to the desktop app and in web app, or the same account logged in on different computers at the same time. You can log in to the desktop or web app and the mobile apps and PureCloud embedded clients at the same time since they are separate clients.

Multiple simultaneous logins can cause problems including unsuccessful phone interactions, missed notifications, views not refreshing automatically, and other inconsistent behavior. Problems occur partly because each client has a limited number of notification channels for these events. More than one login can cause a notification channel to close. For more information about notification channels, see Use the notification service in the Developer Center.

Since problems can occur without you noticing them, developers added a notification that says “You are no longer connected.” If you see this notification, close the other instances of PureCloud and refresh the app.

In the future, developers plan to remove the resource constraint so that the notification channels are no longer limited in this way.