FAQ: How does PureCloud handle email marked as spam?

Email can be true spam or incorrectly marked as spam. PureCloud leverages Amazon SES to receive and send email. Amazon SES has various measures in place to detect spam emails and also to detect emails that may contain viruses.

When you configure email addresses for the organization, you can determine how to handle emails that PureCloud detects as spam, which gives you better control over how to process email that PureCloud identifies as spam. For more information, see Add email addresses to the domain in Manage ACD email routing.

Amazon SES provides both spam detection and virus verdicts to PureCloud. If the Amazon verdict indicates that the email may contain a virus, PureCloud disconnects the message and never delivers it to an agent. If the Amazon verdict indicates that the email is spam, PureCloud processes those emails based on the settings you choose when you set up spam routing during email address configuration.

Note: If PureCloud disconnects the email message, the disconnect reason appears on the interaction’s detail view. For more information, see Disconnect reasons in the interaction’s detail view.