FAQ: Does PureCloud support Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) configurations?

The answer depends on the type of configuration you are considering:

PureCloud Telephony

Yes, PureCloud supports VDI when using physical phones.
No, PureCloud does not support VDI with the WebRTC phone.
No, PureCloud does not support VDI with the PureCloud softphone.

Note: In certain VDI configurations, the WebRTC phone and the PureCloud softphone work in varying degrees. However, our experience indicates that this combination can cause problems, specifically with call control, audio, video chat, and troubleshooting. As such, we do not support nor recognize this configuration as a commercially viable solution.

Screen recording

No, PureCloud does not support VDI with screen recording.

For more information, see PureCloud system requirements. PureCloud’s Screen Recording feature does not work in VDI configurations. For more information, see Screen recording overview.