Workflow for the data dip connector

Note: This article applies to the web services data dip connector.

The following is a common workflow using the web services data dip connector.

  1. A phone call is routed to the PureCloud Edge. The PureCloud Edge passes the call to the IVR call flow that you created in Architect.
  2. The IVR call flow on the PureCloud Edge routes Bridge actions to PureCloud.
  3. PureCloud passes the bridge actions to the correct Bridge Server where the data dip connector lives.
  4. The connector contacts a web service.
  5. The web service contacts the third-party system, which returns information to the web service.
  6. The web service returns the information to the connector.
  7. The connector sends the information back to PureCloud through the Bridge Server.
  8. PureCloud sends this information to the IVR call flow, which performs tasks that you set up in Architect.

Diagram of the Web Services Data Dip Connector workflow

For more information about the connector, see About the web services data dip connector.