This report provides insight into the Agent Activity Summary Export report by displaying detailed user status statistics with a time notation for each status change that the user makes. It includes the On Queue status and all off queue statuses, such as Meal and Away.

Note: This report does not include specifics about queue activity such as interacting, idle, and not responding.

This report includes the following information:

  • When a user’s status started
  • When the status ended
  • How long the status lasted
  • What the statuses were during the time period
    If your organization uses secondary statuses, the report shows them where applicable. When no secondary status is applicable, the secondary status column repeats the primary status. For more information about secondary statuses, see Secondary status overview.
    Primary Status Secondary Status
    With a secondary status Away Task force work
    Without a secondary status Away Away

If you suspect that an agent is not productive, run this report to get the following details:

  • What time the user logged on to their system at the beginning of their shift.
  • When the user started and returned from breaks, meals, and other activities.
  • When the user left for the day.
  • Whether off queue time is continuous or broken into segments. For example, if the Agent Status Summary Export report shows that an agent spends a large portion of the day “off queue,” use this report to determine whether the agent is off queue for a continuous period of time, or whether the agent changes the status throughout the day? 


User Status Detail report

Report column Description
Start Time The time the status began.
End time The time the status ended.
Primary Status The user’s primary status during the time period.
Secondary Status The user’s secondary status during the time period.
Duration How long the user was in this status.