Use the Geo-Lookup TURN feature

The Geo-Lookup TURN feature optimizes the network path for WebRTC calls routed through cloud TURN services to improve the connection and reduce latency. This feature provides a WebRTC client a TURN candidate address from a list of special DNS names which resolve to the nearest Genesys Cloud Media region. More specifically, when the WebRTC client reaches out for TURN server, the Geo-Lookup feature uses the WebRTC client’s IP address to determine the nearest AWS region. The Geo-Lookup feature then checks for latency issues between the WebRTC client and that AWS region. If no issues are detected, the Geo-Lookup feature directs the WebRTC client to the TURN server in that region. If there are issues, the Geo-Lookup feature then checks the next nearest AWS region. 

Note: There may be situations where accessing a TURN server in the nearest AWS region has a higher latency than a TURN server in another region. In that type of situation, Genesys Cloud will choose to access the TURN server with a low latency to provide the best connection. Genesys recommends allowing firewall access to our full CIDR block and all of the IP addresses and regions listed in the Force Turn article to avoid disruption when latency and geographical paths differ.

Genesys Cloud media regions include the existing core AWS regions and satellite media regions created specifically to provide lower latency access to media services around the world. Genesys currently provides the following satellite media regions:

  • Cape Town (af-south-1)

The Geo-Lookup TURN feature is a Site level setting under the new Media section on a Site’s General tab. WebRTC stations inherit the setting from the Site they are attached to.

Enable the Geo-Lookup TURN feature

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Sites.
  3. Select your site from the Site Name list.
  4. On the General tab, locate the Media section.
  5. Enable Geo-Lookup TURN.
  6. Click Save Site.
Note: The Geo-Lookup TURN feature and the Force TURN feature work together to optimize the Genesys TURN services. For more information, see Do the Geo-Lookup TURN feature and the Force TURN feature work together?