Understand knowledge workbench questions and answers

Genesys no longer offers the original knowledge workbench version. Customers can continue to use an existing original knowledge workbench installation; however, Genesys encourages existing knowledge workbench customers to migrate to knowledge workbench V2. For more information, see About the knowledge workbench V2.

You can create and use a knowledge base that stores a set of predefined questions and answers, or FAQs, to respond to queries. Think of a knowledge base as a library of stored information, in this case question and answer pairs, or FAQs, that respond to customer questions.  

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Create a Question and Answer dialog box

When you add a knowledge base, you can add new question and answer pairs, or you can import a previously configured .csv file to create a knowledge base. After you import the file, the system uses the information in the knowledge base to respond to questions. 

After you create your knowledge base and question and answer pairs, you can surface knowledge for your customers. For more information, see About knowledge workbench.