Understand knowledge workbench categories

Genesys no longer offers the original knowledge workbench version. Customers can continue to use an existing original knowledge workbench installation; however, Genesys encourages existing knowledge workbench customers to migrate to knowledge workbench V2. For more information, see About the knowledge workbench V2.

Categories help group documents with similar characteristics or content. For example, you could have a single category for documents that relate to home loans, another category for documents that relate to insurance policies, and so on. When you create documents, you can link them to one category. 

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To add a category for your question and answer pair, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new question and answer pair, or open an existing one.
  2. Under Category, click Add New Category.
  3. In the Enter New Category Name box, type a meaningful word or phrase that identifies the category.
  4. Complete the question and answer pair configuration.
  5. To add a new question and answer, click Create.
  6. To store updates to an edited question and answer pair, click Save.