CX digital agent workspace and CX workspace supported capabilities

Genesys Cloud CX 2 Digital and Genesys Cloud CX 3 Digital licenses are Genesys Cloud packages. While these licenses are similar to the regular Genesys Cloud CX packages, they do not include voice. They also can leverage the CX digital agent workspace. This workspace is optional, but optimizes the management of digital exchanges, enables multi-channel management in parallel, and includes customizable panels.

This table summarizes and compares available capabilities of the Genesys Cloud CX 2 and 3 Digital agent workspace and the Genesys Cloud CX 2 and 3 agent workspace.

Note: Simultaneous usage of the CX agent workspace and the CX digital agent workspace is not recommended.

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CX agent workspace CX digital agent workspace
Help me identify my agent workspace

Functionality CX digital agent workspace CX agent workspace
Scripts No Yes
AppFoundry No Yes
Web Client Yes Yes
Desktop Client No Yes
Embedded Client No Yes
Delivery Receipt Yes Yes
Desktop Layout
Display multiple work items  Yes No
 Simultaneous display of customer info panels  Yes No
Keyboard shortcuts to navigate between interactions Yes No
Voice No Yes
Web Chat No Yes
Web Messaging Yes Yes
Typing indicators Yes Yes
Auto Start (System Message Support) Yes Yes
Co-Browse No Yes
Email Yes Yes
 Agent Initiated Yes Yes
SMS Yes Yes
Agent Initiated No Yes
Facebook Yes Yes
WhatsApp  Yes Yes

Template Support
(needed to respond after 24 hours)

No Yes
Twitter No Yes
 Instagram No Yes
Open Messaging No Yes
Rich Media Support (display in desktop as desired)
 Images/GIFs Yes Yes
 Other file types Yes Yes
 Rich Text Yes No
Quick Replies – from bot No Yes
Cards  – from bots No Yes
Carousels No Yes
Workspace features
Full range of agent availability statuses No Yes