About the SQL Database Connector

Feature deprecation: On July 1, 2020, Genesys ended support for this Bridge connector integration. The end of support date is one of the scheduled milestones in the Bridge platform deprecation. For more information, see Deprecation: PureCloud Bridge integrations.

The SQL Database Connector synchronizes Collaborate profile data with data stored in SQL databases. 

Get started adding data from a SQL database. 

The SQL Database Connector supports the following operations:

  • Connector redundancy
  • Create person in PureCloud
  • Create person in SQL database
  • Update person in PureCloud
  • Update person in SQL database
  • Delete person in PureCloud
  • Delete person in SQL database

The SQL Database Connector synchronizes with PureCloud at a default time of 3600 seconds. The sync time is configurable in the JSON configuration