About the SQL Database Connector

Feature deprecation: Genesys plans to replace most PureCloud Bridge integrations with comparable/similar functionality by December 31, 2019. Each of the specified Bridge integrations will have a different migration platform. For more information, see Deprecation: PureCloud Bridge integrations.

The SQL Database Connector synchronizes Collaborate profile data with data stored in SQL databases. 

Get started adding data from a SQL database. 

The SQL Database Connector supports the following operations:

  • Connector redundancy
  • Create person in PureCloud
  • Create person in SQL database
  • Update person in PureCloud
  • Update person in SQL database
  • Delete person in PureCloud
  • Delete person in SQL database

The SQL Database Connector synchronizes with PureCloud at a default time of 3600 seconds. The sync time is configurable in the JSON configuration