SMS short codes privacy policy example

Per industry standards, you should have a privacy policy concerning your use of customer information that you collect via your US short code program. If your company already has an existing privacy policy on its Web site, then you just need to be sure that it meets the requirements for short codes as specified in the below example. You need to provide a link to your existing company privacy policy along with your shortcode request application form.

If you do not already have privacy policy, then you must create one. Basically, your privacy policy must outline exactly what you will do with any information that you collect from your customers. 

To help you get started, we have drafted the following very basic example: 

Example ** COMPANY NAME Privacy Policy** Example

We will not sell or share your email address, telephone number, name, mailing address or any other personal and non-public information with any telemarketer or marketing agency.

For more information on industry standards, you should review the CTIA’s Short Code Monitoring Handbook. You should also consult your company’s legal department for more details.