Smart Advisor in the Digital Desktop

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During a chat with a customer, the Smart Advisor offers answers to customer questions automatically. If the agent does not find a suitable answer among the offered answers, he or she can search the Smart Advisor manually as well. When the conversation is transferred to an agent from the chatbot, the agent can view the full history of the conversation between the customer and the chatbot and continue that thread. 

If the knowledge base includes any entries which can be relevant to the customer’s questions, the Smart Advisor automatically lists them. To copy the best answer to the message panel, click the Copy icon in the bottom right corner of the response. You can edit your message before you send it to the customer.

Search the Smart Advisor for help in the Digital Desktop

To search the Smart Advisor:

  1. Type your question in the Search field. The Smart Advisor automatically provides answers as you type. Titles of the relevant articles are listed dynamically as you type your question.
  2. To see the content of an article, click its title. When you click an article, Smart Advisor hides the previously displayed suggestions.

Tip: To get the best search results, consider the following:

  • Grammatically accurate words return more relevant answers.
  • Avoid very long phrases and generic statements.

Click Copy to chat at the bottom of the selected response to insert it into your live session. You can edit your message before sending.

Note: If your articles have contexts as well, you can select the relevant article variation from Smart Advisor panel.