Set up ACD messaging for WhatsApp

Before you can begin using ACD messaging for WhatsApp in PureCloud, you need to contact us at to start the process. We will work on your behalf to coordinate the approval process of applying for your business to use the WhatsApp Business platform.

Warning: Once a number is activated in PureCloud, it cannot be migrated back to the WhatsApp Business App or the general WhatsApp consumer app.

Check the status of your WhatsApp integration

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Message, click Platforms.
  3. Check the Status column of your WhatsApp integration.
    • If the status of your WhatsApp integration is Pending, it is not yet ready to set up. Check back later.
    • If the status of your WhatsApp integration is Incomplete, it is ready to set up.
      Note: When the WhatsApp integration status is Incomplete, you must complete the setup within seven calendar days. Contact PureCloud Care if your incomplete integration has expired. 

Set up your WhatsApp integration

When you see the status of your WhatsApp integration change to Incomplete, it is ready to set up.

Warning: Before you proceed, you need to understand that as soon as you activate your WhatsApp integration, you will immediately begin to incur the monthly fee. This happens regardless of whether you can begin using your integration. So before you click Finish Setup, make sure that you have everything ready to begin using your WhatsApp integration:


  • You have been approved by WhatsApp.
  • Your certificate is valid.

If you complete the procedure, realize that you are missing required information, and then immediately delete your WhatsApp integration, you may be charged for an entire month.

  1. Click Finish Setup.
  2. You see your phone number and receive a prompt to select the method that you want to use to receive your validation code. Click either Send SMS or Voice.
    • If you choose Voice activation and your phone number routes to an IVR, you must temporarily reroute the number directly to a person so the activation code can be received.
  3. Retrieve the validation code sent to your phone number by the method you chose.
Note: After you receive the validation code, you have 10 minutes to complete procedure before the code expires.
  1. Type the code in the Enter the validation code box and click OK.
  2. In a few minutes, you see that the Status of your WhatsApp integration is Active.
Tip: After you have your WhatsApp integration configured, you can add a WhatsApp Click to Chat button to your website or email signature. A Click to Chat button allows your customers to begin a chat immediately without the need to enter your company’s WhatsApp phone number manually. For more information, see Using Click to Chat on the WhatsApp site. If you need assistance, contact your Customer Success Manager.