Deprecation Announcement: On May 3, 2023, Genesys announced the deprecation of the BYOC Premises - Customer VM Solution. For more information, see Deprecation: BYOC Premises – Customer VM Solution.

When you are using BYOC Premises – Customer VM Solution, you can set the Edge proxy on a VM Edge using an XML configuration file.

An Edge uses RFC-2817 HTTP CONNECT to establish a TLS connection through a proxy server. HTTP CONNECT allows an HTTP TCP connection to upgrade to HTTPS TLS. This creates an HTTP CONNECT tunnel. 

  • Required authentication is not permitted on the HTTP proxy.
  •  You may need to configure the proxy server with a policy that allows TCP tunneling without HTTPS interception.


  1. Navigate to the ininedgeservices.xml file.ininedgeservices-location
  2. In the XML file, add the http address below the <String></String>.

For example:


changes to 

Note: The proxy setting required format is an absolute URI. For example, is a valid address.