Set up Bridge Connector credentials

You must decide how the Bridge Connectors will receive credentials to access your data. There are two methods for handling this:

  • (Recommended) Use Network Service credentials from the Bridge Server 
  • Use credentials from the cloud

Use Network Service credentials from the Bridge Server

With this method, the Bridge Connectors receive credentials from the Bridge Server, which uses the same credentials. This requires a domain account on your network with permissions to access the systems.

This is the preferred method because it does not require giving login credentials to Genesys Cloud.

  1. Create a domain account for the Bridge Server.

  2. When installing the Bridge Server, enter credentials for this domain account when prompted to select a service account.

Use credentials from the cloud

With this method, you supply login credentials for the connector in Genesys Cloud. The Bridge Server retrieves the credentials from the cloud over SSL and passes them to the connector, which uses them to gain access to your data system.

  1. When installing the Bridge Server, accept the default option when prompted to select a service account.
  2. When adding connectors to a Bridge Server in Admin > Integrations > Bridge, enter these login credentials for each connector.