Select and manage metrics

  • Performance Management Admin role
    Note: The Performance Management Admin role is enabled for all new organizations. However, anyone with an existing org needs to add this new role by using the  Authorization API to restore all default roles.

To configure and enable a metric, follow these steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Performance & Engagement, click Gamification Profiles.
  3. Click Default Profile.
  4. Click a metric in the default profile, or click Add Metric and select a metric from the list. A configuration view appears to the right side of Genesys Cloud. 
  5. (Optional) Change the Display Name.
  6. Set the Objective Type
    Note: Objective Type is not editable on all metric types.
  7. Set the target boundaries for each zone.
  8. Set the points for each zone. You can set a single point value or a range. To switch, click the arrows beside the point field.
  9. Click Enable.
    Note: Enabling of a metric takes effect immediately, while disabling of a metric takes effect at the end of the current workday.
  10. Click Save.

Built-in metrics

Here is a breakdown of the built-in metrics available in Default Profile:

Metric name Channels Units Metric measured
After Call Work Time Ratio All Percent Total After Call Work time / Total handle time
Average After Call Work All Seconds Total After Call Work time / Count of interactions
Average Handle Time All Seconds Total handle time / Count of interactions
Average Hold All Seconds Total hold time / Count of interactions
Calls Transferred Ratio All Percent Total calls transferred / Total calls for a day
Conformance* N/A Percent Actual On Queue / Scheduled On Queue for a day
Hold Time Ratio Voice Percent Total hold time / Total handle time
Interactions Answered Ratio All Percent Total interactions answered / Total interactions received
Interactions per Hour All Number Total count of interactions / Total On Queue time
Number of Interactions All Number Total count of interactions for a day
Number of Interactions Answered All Number Total count of interactions answered in a day
Number of Transfers All Number

Count of transfers in a day, starting after one call is handled

Punctuality* N/A Seconds Seconds within range of actual activity start time Activities to measure against:

  • On Queue
  • Break
  • Meal
  • Training
  • Meeting
Total Talk Time All Seconds Total talk time

* Requires Workforce Management (WFM)