Screen pop a Salesforce search result for inbound calls, emails, and messages in PureCloud for Salesforce

Prerequisite: To receive screen pops, your Salesforce organization must have a SoftPhone layout. For information about creating a SoftPhone layout, see Customizing Softphone Layouts in the Salesforce documentation.

The integration uses the SF_SearchValue custom attribute to screen pop a Salesforce search result for inbound calls, emails, and messages. The search can be for a case number, a phone number, a contact name, or other items. The behavior for no matching records or multiple matches reflects the screen pop settings defined in the SoftPhone layout in Salesforce.

This procedure relies heavily on Architect configuration and only describes high-level steps. For more information, see Architect overview, Create a new flow, Set Participant Data action, and Add a Set Participant Data action to a task.

The example screen pops a customer case number when a customer calls about an existing case.

Note: You can follow the same steps for emails and messages by creating and publishing Inbound Email or Inbound Message flows instead of Inbound Call flows.
  1. Create an Inbound Call flow in Architect.
  2. Add a task with Set Participant Data as the action.
    Note: This example uses the Set Participant Data action to set a custom attribute. The information used to set the attribute on the call could come from multiple different places: data dip, caller data entry, workgroup information, a static URL, or a combination of other attributes.
  3. For Attribute Name, add SF_SearchValue.
  4. For Value to Assign, add the value searched in Salesforce when this custom attribute is defined on an incoming interaction. In this example, the value is the case number, 00001026. If specifying multiple values, separate them with a pipe (“|”).Set Participant Data for SF_SearchValue attribute
  5. Add a Transfer to ACD action to the flow.
  6. Select the Queue that receives this call.
  7. Click Publish.
  8. When a call comes in through this call flow, it is assigned the custom attribute of SF_SearchValue with a value of 00001026. Once routed to an agent, the alerting call screen pops the case in Salesforce.Screen pop example based on search value