PureCloud Voice services

PureCloud Voice is a voice over IP telephony service that you can activate for use with your PureCloud organization. It provides public telephony access to any PureCloud services to which you subscribe. You can purchase phone numbers from us or you can bring phone numbers with you. Once you have phone numbers in the PureCloud Voice system, you can assign them to users, IVR systems, managed phones, or campaigns.

PureCloud Voice provides:

  • Local calling
  • Long distance calling
  • International calling
  • Emergency services
  • Toll-free services
  • Number purchasing
  • Number porting

Number availability

PureCloud Voice supports both DID and toll-free numbers. 

DID numbers

You can purchase local DID numbers in the United States, many regions of Canada, and the United Kingdom.  

For more information, see Purchase DID numbers

Toll-free numbers

You can purchase toll-free numbers. When you purchase toll-free numbers, you can specify the origin from where users can reach the toll-free number. For more information on purchasing toll-free numbers for the United States and Canada, see Purchase toll-free numbers. To purchase toll-free numbers for countries not supported by online purchase, send an email to PCVoiceTelcoRequest@genesys.com.

Number porting

You can port numbers from your current provider to PureCloud Voice.

Porting interval for DID and toll-free numbers

The Local Number Porting (LNP) team completes most ports in five business days. Under certain circumstances, it may take longer. The LNP team advises you of your timeline and provides additional information to successfully complete the port. 

Port activation and down time

Once you submit a port request, the LNP team takes care of everything on your behalf. There is no need to contact your current provider.

Do not disconnect your number with your current provider. Until the LNP has a confirmed Firm Order Commit (FOC) date from the incumbent provider, the number continues to route with your current provider. At a specific time on the FOC date, the LNP activates the number transfer. The LNP team tells you the FOC date and time for your port activation. 

Documents required for porting DID numbers 

Required documents for porting a number are:  

  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) 
    Note: Toll-free and DID numbers have separate LOA forms.
  • Current invoice showing the name, address, and numbers for porting.

For more information, see Port DID numbers.


PureCloud Voice offers competitive pricing.


A one-time charge applies for purchase and setup of a DID number, a toll-free number, and a port request.

Monthly recurring

Monthly recurring charges occur for DID and toll-free numbers. 

Usage charges 

Inbound and outbound charges apply for all DID and toll-free calls.

Call minimum and increments for billing

  • Each inbound call to a DID number has a minimum billing duration of 6 seconds. Increments are in 6 seconds. For example, an inbound call of 13 seconds is adjusted to 18 seconds and the per minute rate is applied to 18 seconds of call duration.
  • Each inbound call to a toll-free number has a minimum billing duration of 30 seconds. For example, an inbound call of 25 seconds is adjusted to 30 seconds for billing.
  • All outbound calls to numbers within Canada have a billing minimum of 6 seconds and increments of 6 seconds.
  • International outbound calls including the United States have a minimum duration of 30 seconds and increments of 6 seconds.

For more information, see PureCloud Voice pricing.

Emergency services

PureCloud includes emergency services with every number purchase.

The PureCloud Voice system validates addresses and, in the event of an emergency, provides that information to the emergency call center nearest the caller’s location. Some emergency call centers are not equipped to handle addresses and therefore the person calling for emergency assistance should know the address of their exact location.

For more information, see PureCloud Voice emergency dialing terms and conditions.

Outbound dialing

PureCloud Voice is designed to work with the contact center outbound dialing feature. For more information, see About outbound dialing.