PureCloud Voice / BYOC Cloud compatible phones

PureCloud Voice and BYOC Cloud are compatible with the majority of the managed phones that PureCloud supports. You can see a full list of managed phones in Managed phones: models and features matrix. Pay close attention to the footnotes as they will direct you to specific information concerning certain phone models, such as required software versions and manufacture dates.

As you look through the matrix, keep in mind that the following managed phones are NOT compatible with PureCloud Voice or BYOC Cloud:

  • AudioCodes 405, 420, 430, 440
  • Polycom SoundPoint 301, 320, 330, 430, 501, 600, 601
  • Polycom SoundStation IP 4000
  • Spectralink 84-Series
  • PureCloud softphone
  • Interaction SIP Station II

While PureCloud provides support for unmanaged phones with the Generic SIP phone profile, unmanaged phones are NOT compatible with PureCloud Voice or BYOC Cloud. This includes any phone configured as a Generic SIP phone, such as the Bria phone and the YeaLink phone.