PureCloud self support

Resource Center

For self support, access the Resource Center directly or open the Help menu by clicking the Help icon in the lower left.Help icon

  • See information related to your task by clicking Help with this Page
  • Open the Resource Center home page and find what you need from the Resource Center link. 
  • Click Contact Support to contact your organization’s designated recipient of technical and non-technical issues.
  • Learn how PureCloud handles your organization’s sensitive data from the Privacy Policy link.
  • Learn what’s new in PureCloud by clicking the Release Notes link. 
  • Check the PureCloud version and read the terms and conditions by clicking the About PureCloud link. 


See the PureCloud course list to take free eLearning modules on the following:

  • PureCloud customer roles and responsibilities
  • Introduction for contact center agents
  • Introduction for contact center supervisors
  • Comprehensive introductions to PureCloud services