PureCloud Embeddable Framework deployment options

Note: This article applies to PureCloud Embeddable Framework.

The PureCloud Embeddable Framework integration can be created and consumed as private or public deployments. 

Private deployment

Note: For support issues involving third-party platforms, use the PureCloud Developer Forum before contacting PureCloud Customer Care.

Companies can create private deployments of the integration for their own use. Developers create a framework.js file. Then administrators add the integration and upload the framework.js file to the company’s PureCloud organization.

Companies can install a maximum of five different implementations of the integration in a single PureCloud organization. Companies may want to use different implementations with various third-party products. Or they could use one implementation as a development environment for developers and another as a production environment for agents.

Only users in the company with the correct group assignments can use the integration in their PureCloud organization.

For more information, see How to get started (Developer Center), Create an OAuth client, and Add the integration.

Public deployment

AppFoundry partners develop integrations and publish the integrations to the AppFoundry for public use. 

Any company that has the correct permissions can enable the integration in the AppFoundry.

For more information, see How to get started (Developer Center) and About the AppFoundry

For more information about the integration, see About PureCloud Embeddable Framework.