PureCloud Communicate features

PureCloud Communicate includes the following telephony and unified communications functionality. For a summary of weekly releases, see Release notes.

Note: PureCloud Communicate includes all functionality in PureCloud Collaborate.

Feature Learn more
Send and receive phone calls in-app Make a call
Group calls Set a group ring phone number
Conference calls Make a conference call
Recording Record a call
Add participants Add a participant to a call
Transfers (blind and consult) Transfer a call
Forwarding Forward incoming calls
Auto-conference Join an auto-conference
PureCloud SoftPhone Make calls on the PureCloud SoftPhone

Feature Learn more
Outbound faxing Send a fax

Feature Learn more
Edge (on-premises telephony device)  About Edge hardware
Virtual Edge (cloud telephony service) About the Virtual Edge
Edge Mini (on-premises telephony device)  About Edge hardware
Edge Micro (on-premises telephony device)  About Edge hardware
Monitor telephony performance and status

View the Edge and Trunk metrics

Edge operational states

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) About routing
Schedules Schedules
Phone redundancy Phone redundancy
Edge redundancy Edge redundancy
Remote survivability  Remote survivability FAQs
Network topology map View the topology map for telephony
SIP trunking Create a SIP phone trunk
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) DID numbers
Extensions Extension pools
Certificate authorities Configure certificate authorities
PureCloud Voice (number purchasing) About PureCloud Voice
BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) About BYOC
User to User Information (UUI) Enable the User to User information settings