Platform features

The following features apply to all Genesys Cloud functionality for Collaborate, Communicate, and Genesys Cloud contact center.

Feature Learn more
Localization Genesys Cloud supported languages


Open source

Genesys Cloud Developer Center
Standards compliance

Security and compliance

HIPAA compliance

PCI DSS compliance

GDPR compliance

Genesys Cloud and GDPR compliance

Multichannel support Multichannel customer service
Account settings About Account Settings
Subscriptions About your subscription
Authorized organizations About authorized organizations
Authorized applications About OAuth scopes for applications
Clients About clients

Single sign-on (SSO) integrations

Feature Learn more
Google G Suite Add Google G Suite as an SSO provider
Generic single sign-on provider Add a generic single sign-on provider
Microsoft ADFS Add Microsoft ADFS as an SSO provider
Microsoft Azure AD Premium Add Microsoft Azure AD Premium as an SSO provider
OneLogin Add OneLogin as an SSO provider
Okta Add Okta as an SSO provider
Ping Identity Add Ping Identity as an SSO provider
Salesforce Add Salesforce as an SSO provider