Search audits

Feature deprecation: For more information, see Deprecation: Search Audits view.

Use the Search Audits feature to see details about how users are working with files in workspaces.

  • Collaborate license
  • Content_management_admin permission and the Documents > Audit > Search permission assigned to any role

Click ImageClick the image for details.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Documents, click Search Audits.
  3. In the search box, type a simple search and then click the search icon. For example, type the name of the file, the name of an author, the extension, a tag, or the type of event.ContentAdminSearchAuditBox1

To see detailed information about an event, click its title. 

  1. Click the title of an audit event to detailed information about related audit events.
  2. To return to the Search Audits page, click Done


  1. If too many events appear in the results list, click the links for more criteria to apply to your search results. The number next to a criteria indicates the number of matching events.
  2. Collapse and expand the category headings to locate specific search criteria.
    Note:  The more criteria you click, the fewer matching events you see. For example, if you select the criteria, “User = Bob” and Date = Today,” then only the events that meet both criteria appear in the search result list.”
  1. To see additional criteria for a category, click the +More link for the category.
  2. View the criteria you have selected in the bar across the top of the search results.ContentAdminSearchAuditCriteria
  3. If your search results list becomes too short, click the x of any criteria you don’t want.ContentAdminSearchDelete

To sort the results by type in ascending or descending order, use these buttons.ContentAdminSearchAuditsSort

Click the Show System Level Audits? check box to see more details about the events in the results list.

  1. Click the title of the event you want.
  2. Click the Show Failures Only? check box.