Outbound Campaign: Detailed Attempt History report

Feature deprecation: This article is about the classic version of the campaign detailed history report. For more information about the new version, see Dialer Campaign Detailed Attempt History report. For more information about the deprecation, see Deprecation: Outbound Campaign: Detailed Attempt History report.

The Outbound Campaign: Detailed Attempt History report displays outbound interaction attempts for one or more campaigns during a specific date and time range. The report sorts the interactions by date and by time. It includes the following information about outbound campaign interactions:

  • Whether the interaction connected to a remote party
  • Whether the interaction transferred to an agent
  • The unique id of the contact
  • The call analysis result for each attempt
  • Amount of time to answer the interaction
  • Amount of time to connect the interaction
  • Wrap-up code that the agent assigned to the interaction
Note: Calls made in Preview mode do not use call analysis and therefore have a blank entry in the Call Analysis column.

Outbound Campaign Detailed Attempt History report

Report column Description
Date The date of the outbound interaction attempt.
Call Placed The time the campaign placed the call.
Time to Answer The length of time that elapsed from when the campaign placed the call and when the remote party answered the call.
Time to Connect The length of time that elapsed from when a remote party answered the call and when the call connected to an agent.
Disconnected The time that the call was disconnected.
Duration The length of the interaction.
Contact Id The unique identifier that was given to the contact when the list was created. 
Number Dialed The phone number that the campaign dialed.
Call Analysis

Call analysis is an Edge process that analyzes a connection to determine if the call reached a live person, fax machine, or answering machine. Possible values for this report are as follows:

Call Analysis  Reason
DISCONNECT The call was somehow disconnected.
LIVE_VOICE Call analysis detected that a live person answered.
BUSY The contact’s line was busy.
MACHINE Call analysis detected an answering machine.


No one answered the call.
SIT_CALLABLE SIT tones indicated that record was callable.
SIT_UNCALLABLE SIT tones indicated that a number was uncallable.
FAX Call analysis detected a fax machine

The agent connected to the call.


The wrap-up code for the call.


The campaign that placed the call.