Monitor in-progress interactions


The following permissions:

selected phone

Note: When using a supported SIP phone the system automatically answers your phone, enabling the monitor session. When using a remote number or any phone provisioned externally to Genesys Cloud, the phone rings and requires you to pick up to start the monitor session.

Monitoring allows you to listen to an interaction that is in progress without disturbing the agent and customer’s conversation. To listen to in-progress interactions, monitor them. 

  1. From any of the following views, click an in-progress interaction:
  2. From the interaction’s detail page, you can monitor the agent or the customer.  
    • To monitor an agent, click Internal Monitor.
    • To monitor a customer, click External Monitor.
  3. Genesys Cloud connects your phone to the interaction. Answer your phone and listen to the interaction. 


Which participant should I monitor?

You can choose to monitor either the internal or external participant. When a call is in progress, you can hear both. However, when the agent places the call on hold or transfers the call, you hear only the participant that you monitor.

The following table shows which participant you hear in those scenarios:

Active call Hold Transfer
Monitor Internal Participant Both Agent (Internal) Agent (Internal)
Monitor External Participant Both Customer (External) Customer (External) and new agent

  • You cannot monitor and participate in a call at the same time.
  • Genesys Cloud does not notify the agent or customer that you are monitoring them.
  • In the interaction’s details, users who monitor an interaction appear as an Internal Participant with beside their user name.
  • To monitor a call, a user’s status must be set to Available.