Microsoft Exchange Connector overview

Feature deprecation: Genesys postponed the Bridge integrations deprecation schedule, which now varies for the different Bridge integrations. For more information, see Deprecation: PureCloud Bridge integrations.

The Microsoft Exchange Connector creates email distribution lists in Exchange that match the membership of PureCloud groups. This connector monitors groups throughout the day and sends updates (names only) to the Exchange server when people are removed or added. This connector supports Exchange hosted by Office 365.

Get started adding data from Microsoft Exchange.

Supported Not supported
  • Authenticate Bridge Server service account
  • Failover support
  • Create group in Exchange
  • Update group in Exchange
  • Delete person in Exchange
  • Create group in PureCloud
  • Update group in PureCloud
  • Update photo in PureCloud
  • Update photo in Exchange
  • Delete group in PureCloud