This documentation applies to Genesys Agent Assist. This feature is available worldwide. For Agent Assist Google CCAI, which is limited to North America region, see the Google CCAI integrations with Genesys Cloud documentation.


Access to the following menu options:

  • Admin > Roles/Permissions
  • Admin > Queues
  • Admin > Assistants
  • Admin > Messenger configuration
  • Admin > Messenger deployment

The following permissions:

  • Assistants > Assistant > View
  • Assistants > Queue > View
  • Knowledge > All permissions
  • Conversation > Suggestions > All permissions

Genesys Agent Assist helps agents to search for answers to customer questions. 

To access Genesys Agent Assist, click the lightbulb icon at the right side of the Interactions pane.

Genesys Agent Assist in the CX agent workspace

Once the Genesys Agent Assist pane is active, you can drag it on your workspace and place it according to your needs.

Genesys Agent Assist in the CX digital agent workspace