Interaction alerts in the CX digital agent workspace

To work with an assigned chat, click it on the left side of the workspace under Conversations. The queue lists every live session you have.

  • A red dot indicates that a customer waits for a response. The timer indicates the elapsed time since the customer’s last message.

A customer is waiting for a reply

  • When the customer sends more than one message, multiple red dots appear next to their name.

Unattended conversation

The timer under the red alert dot may indicate two cases:

  • If the chat is newly assigned to the agent, the timer counts down the available time during which the agent can answer the conversation.
    If the agent does not answer the conversation, their status is set to Away and the conversation is reassigned to another Agent.
  • If the agent has answered the chat and the conversation is ongoing, the timer shows the elapsed time since the customer’s first unattended message.
Note: The timer continues to tick on until the agent answers the message. It is not enough to open the messaging session as an active work item.