Series: Set up a contact center in Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Install the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice package

Feature coming soon: Genesys Cloud for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

The Salesforce Service Cloud Voice package contains all the components to connect Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Genesys Cloud. The integration allows you to set up Genesys Cloud as the telephony provider for your contact center in Salesforce. 

  • Enable Omni-Channel settings. See Enable Omni-Channel.
    Ensure to enable Omni-Channel settings before installing the package. Otherwise, the package installation fails.
  • Enable Service Cloud Voice.

    To check in Salesforce, search for Voice in the Quick Find box and select Partner Telephony Setup.

  1. To request an installation link to the Beta package, contact your Genesys Technical Account Manager.

    The installation link changes when the package is updated. Ensure to request for new installation link to get the latest package.

  2. In the first step of installation, select Install for All Users or Install for Specific Profiles option.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for installation.

Verify the installed package

Check and verify the package installation in Salesforce. From Setup, search for Installed Packages in the Quick Find Box and select Installed Packages.
Search and confirm that the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice package is installed.

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