Install the Bridge Server

Note: Make sure to apply all critical and important Windows updates before you install the Bridge Server.

Install the Bridge Server so you can begin adding connectors for various data systems. 

    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under Integrations, click Bridge.
    3. Click the Servers tab, then click Add ServerClick Add Server
    4. Enter a name and optional description, then click Save.Add a new Bridge Server
    5. Click Server Installer to download the Bridge Server executable.Click Server Installer
    6. Under Pairing Token, click Generate token.Click Generate Token
    7. Copy the pairing token that appears to your clipboard or a text file.Copy the token
    8. Run the Bridge Server executable to start the installation wizard. Follow the prompts.
      1. Select a destination folder.
      2. Select your Amazon Web Services region.
        AWS Region


        US East (N. Virginia)

        US West (Oregon) 

        Canada (Canada Central)

        EU (Frankfurt)

        EU (Ireland)

        EU (London)

        Asia Pacific (Seoul) 

        Asia Pacific (Sydney)

        Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

      3. Paste the token into the Token field.
      4. If you are using a proxy server, type the proxy address in the Proxy Server field. 
      5. Select a service account based on your plan for handling the Bridge credentials:
        • If the connectors will receive credentials from the cloud through the Network Service, accept the default.
        • If the connectors will receive credentials from the Bridge Server domain account, type the account credentials. Make sure that the account credentials include the domain name before the user name (domain\username).
      6. Click Install.
Note: The Bridge Server installation wizard does not provide an option for the US West (Oregon) AWS region. To install the Bridge Server for the US West region, run the installer on the Windows server from an administrator command prompt. For example:

ININBridgeServerSetup.exe TOKEN="insert_pairing_token" REGION="us-west-2" ENV=""

If you plan to install multiple instances of the Bridge Server for fault tolerance, repeat the previous steps to install the Bridge Server on other machines.

You can upgrade a Bridge Server when a message on the Servers tab of the Bridge page indicates that a new version of the server is available.