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    Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows pricing

    Genesys Cloud CX 2 and Genesys Cloud CX 3 subscriptions include access to Genesys Dialog Engine, Genesys’s native bot authoring tool. Charges for Dialog Engine are per each API request in a bot conversation when a user interacts with the bot. These API requests are equivalent to each dialog “turn,” or request and response pair, in the bot conversation.

    Note: Genesys Dialog Engine is only available for chat and messaging interactions.

    To add Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows to your subscription, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Genesys AppFoundry.
    2. Search for Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows.
    3. Click the card and follow the instructions.

    The following example describes a bot conversation that consists of three dialog turns, and the result is a charge for three API requests:

    Turn Request/Response pair
    Dialog turn 1
    • Customer says, “Hi.”
    • Bot replies, “Hello, how can I help?”
    Dialog turn 2
    • Customer says, “I want to check my balance.”
    • Bot replies, “OK, what’s your account number?”
    Dialog turn 3
    • Customer says, “59865848.”
    • Bot replies, “Your balance is $100.”

    Genesys Dialog Engine per API request pricing

    0.0015 0.001875 0.002100 0.001995 0.001050 0.001350 0.004500 0.180000 0.021300

    • Customers who do not deploy Genesys Dialog Engine bots that integrate with Architect do not incur charges for Genesys Dialog Engine API requests.
    • Using the Genesys Dialog Engine workbench to author and test bots does not incur a charge.
    • If you have questions about how to add Genesys Dialog Engine to your subscription, contact your designated Customer Success Manager.
    • For more information about volume discounts, contact your designated Customer Success Manager.
    • For more information about creating Genesys Dialog Engine bots and using them in Architect, see About Genesys Dialog Engine.
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