Genesys Cloud Collaborate includes the following unified communication and collaboration features. 

Feature Learn more
One-to-one chats Start a chat
Group chats (up to 1,000 participants) Start a chat
Text formatting Format text in a chat
Personal chat rooms Create a chat room
Attachments and media sharing Send media and files in a chat
Chat search Search chat room history
Chat editing Send a chat message
Emojis Send a chat message
Respond to a specific group chat Send a chat message
Address a specific person in a group chat Send a chat message
Activity stream Check recent activity

Webhook integrations

FeatureLearn more
BitbucketSet up a Bitbucket integration
GenericSet up an integration using the Generic Webhook
GithubSet up a GitHub integration
JenkinsSet up a Jenkins integration
JIRASet up a JIRA integration
PagerDutySet up a PagerDuty integration
Pivotal TrackerSet up a Pivotal Tracker integration
StatusPageSet up a StatusPage integration
TrelloSet up a Trello integration
UserVoiceSet up a UserVoice integration
ZendeskSet up a Zendesk integration

Feature Learn more
Video chats (up to 12 participants) Start a video chat
Screen sharing Start screen sharing
Video chat in a pop-out window Start a video chat

Feature Learn more
Personal and group workspaces Add files to a workspace
File sharing Share a file
Tags Add tags to a file
Search Search for a file
Audit trail View the audit trail for a file
Access control About access levels for group workspaces

Feature Learn more
User settings About user settings
User profiles Complete your profile
Status and presence Change presence and status
Geolocation Share your current location
Advanced search Search the directory
External contacts About External Contacts
Hierarchy views Browse the Card view
Manage users About people and permissions
Groups (public and private) Join or leave a group
Rule-based group membership About groups
Bulk import of users (CSV) Add and remove people
Permission-based access controls About people and permissions

For a weekly summary of Collaborate updates and new features, see Release notes.