Forward an email


The following permissions:

  • Conversation > Email > Forward

As an agent, you can forward an email to internal or external recipients. 

  • You can forward an email or send a reply to an email, but not both.
  • Genesys Cloud includes the last email exchange when you reply or forward a message. To include the entire history of a conversation, you must click Show Message History when you reply.

To forward an email:

  1. Select the email message you want to respond to from the Active Interactions list.
  2. Click the Forward button. 
  3. Enter the email recipients for the message.
  4. Type your message. For help formatting the text in your response, see Format text in an email message.
    Note: Any attachments in the original email are included in the forwarded email. If you do not want to forward the attachments, you can remove them.
  5. Click Send.
  6. Complete any required after contact work.