Fault tolerance for Bridge Connectors

The fault tolerance strategy to prevent service interruptions is Bridge redundancy operating in an active-passive configuration. Genesys strongly recommends using the Bridge Connector in this configuration, which includes:

  • Two or more Bridge Servers running on separate virtual machines within your company WAN
  • Two or more Bridge Connector instances, each set to a different Bridge Server

Fault tolerant connector setup

The connector instance with the role of leader conducts all of the integration work. The second instance is inactive but enabled and ready.

Connector fault tolerance - no failure

In the event of a failure such as a lack of network connectivity or a loss of power, the second connector instance becomes the leader while your personnel addresses the cause of the failure.

Note:  This behavior governs any instance of communication loss, including when a virtual machine restarts due to routine maintenance.

Connector fault tolerance - failure

When the failure is fixed, the first connector instance becomes the standby, and the second instance is now the leader.

Connector fault tolerance - failure fixed