How can I select my text-to-speech voice in my Nuance Mix Bot?

The Nuance Bot uses the TTS Voice that you specify in the Nuance Mix user interface. For a seamless user experience, best practice recommends that you select the same voice in their Nuance Mix that you use in your Architect call flows.

How does barge-in work in Nuance Mix bots?

Barge-in is enabled by default for all channels globally for a Nuance Mix bot. You can override this setting in two places:

  • In an individual node, to disable barge-in, go to Settings > Speech Settings.
  • For a specific message, disable barge-in by navigating to the Messages pane and selecting an individual message.

What happens when I don’t have a transition path for NO_INPUT and NO_MATCH events?

When no transition setup exists in a Nuance Mix flow, especially for NO_INPUT and NO_MATCH events, the Architect inbound flow takes the failure path. For more information about setting event handlers in a Nuance Mix Flow, see Add an event handler and Set up a question and answer node in the Nuance Mix Bot documentation.