Fair use voice transcription charges

Voice transcription enables you to get more insight into the content of voice interactions, to improve training and feedback for call center employees, and to identify business problems. A voice transcript is a textual representation of the words spoken during a voice interaction and provides a view into the interaction between the customer and internal participants (that is, IVR, ACD, agent, conference, or voicemail). With regards to voice interactions, when you enable voice transcription for portions of an audio interaction, the audio is transcribed into text by the transcription service.

Fair use policy

Genesys is introducing a fair use policy for voice transcription for Genesys Cloud. Customers can use up to the “fair use” voice transcription amounts allocated per user without charge. Tools are provided to track actual voice transcription usage. Customers who exceed the voice transcription allocation are billed a charge per minute per month as outlined in this article. The fair use allocations are provided for your organization by counting the number of billable users of each license type during the period, and applying the allowance shown in the table below for each user to determine the total amount of allocated voice transcription minutes for your organization during the period.

Voice transcription usage charges overview

Voice transcription includes these features:

  • Transcription of voice interactions (both external and internal channels) into words.
  • Confidence scores for every word detected.
  • Timestamps for the start of every word detected and the word duration.
  • Participant information for each fragment of the transcript.

Voice transcription usage allowance included with subscription 

Genesys Cloud 3 includes a voice transcription allocation for each Genesys Cloud seat or hour with the allocated minutes shown below:


License Voice transcription allocation (in minutes)
Genesys Cloud 3 (Named) 7920 minutes per month
Genesys Cloud 3 (Concurrent) 10320 minutes per month
Genesys Cloud 3 (Hourly) 72 minutes per month 

Note: More than 60 minutes are allocated to account for any IVR or Queue time that may be transcribed prior to connecting to the agent.

Basic voice transcription charge 

This charge is applied to Genesys Cloud customers who exceed their voice transcription allocation. Voice transcription on-demand charge is billed at the price in the table below per minute.

Genesys Cloud voice transcription on-demand charge for GC-170-NV-VTFAIRUSEO.




0.01 0.011 0.013 0.014 0.007 0.008 0.03 1.00 0.14
Date Revision
August 26, 2021

Added the Voice transcription hourly allocation (in minutes) column.

November 4, 2020

Changed the term “overage” to “on-demand.”

August 5, 2020

Initial publication