Enable line recording

External trunk configuration


  • Telephony > Plugin > All permission

By default Line Recording is disabled, which means that calls will not be recorded.

In order to be able to record voice calls for inbound and outbound, you need to enable and configure line recording on the trunk that is hosting the calls. Once you enable line recording, all calls are automatically recorded. You can use recording policies to disable recording, as well as to configure when to save or delete recordings, but you can only enable recording at the trunk level.

For more information, see Call recording in Genesys Cloud overview and External trunk settings.

Once you enable Line Recording, there several key settings that you must configure in order properly record calls.

Selecting an Audio Format

The trunk configuration provides multiple audio formats that you can use for the recording. However, if you want to have your recordings transcribed, you must select one of the following audio formats:

  • audio/PCMU
  • audio/PCMA
  • audio/L16
  • audio/opus

Enabling Dual Channel

If you want to record both sides of a call and you want to have your recordings transcribed, you must enable the Dual Channel setting. However, the Dual Channel setting is only available if you select one of the following audio formats:

  • audio/PCMU
  • audio/PCMA
  • audio/L16
  • audio/opus

When you enable the Dual Channel setting, the system saves each channel of the recording in a separate stream. The system uses audio channel 0 to save the external participant recording and audio channel 1 to save the internal participant recording.

Configuring compliance

When you enable line recording, you need to take the compliance settings into consideration.

The first of these compliance settings is Consent Required. Use this switch to enable or disable the requirement that a customer must give consent before a recording can begin. By default, the Consent Required setting is disabled, which means that all calls will be recorded. When you enable the Consent Required setting, calls are only recorded if the customer agrees (gives consent) to be recorded. For more information, see Enable Participant Recording action.

The second compliance setting that you need to take into consideration is the Beep Tone setting. Using the Beep Tone setting you can configure an audible beep tone to play in the background of a voice call while the system records the call. A beep tone allows participants to know that a conversation is being recorded, which may be required for regulatory compliance. For more information, see Configure a periodic beep tone for line recording.

Configure line recording

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Trunks.
  3. Click the External Trunks tab.
  4. From the list, select the trunk you want to configure.
  5. Under External Trunk Configuration, click Media.
  6. Under Recording, enable Line Recording.
  7. If you want to allow recording of a consultation between an agent and a supervisor, enable Consult Line Recording.
  8. If you want to level the volume on both sides of the conversation, enable Automatic Level Control.
  9. If you want the recording to continue on an external transfer, enable Continue on External Bridged Transfer.
  10. From the Audio Format list, select the audio format that you want to use for the recordings.
  11. If you want to record both sides of the conversation separately, enable Dual Channel.
  12. If you are required to adhere to regulatory compliance:
    1. Set Consent Required to Enabled.
    2. Configure a Beep Tone
  13. Click Save External Trunk.