One of the following permissions:

  • ReportingACDView permission
  • Reporting > Interactions > View permission
  • Reporting > Quality > View permission
  • Reporting > OutboundView permission

After a report runs and the Report Status column says Completed, you can download the report. You can download the current report or any past reports for up to 90 days after the report runs.

  • If you have recently run the report, then it may not be immediately available from the link in the reports list. To download recently run reports, either view the report’s history or refresh the page.
  • Genesys Cloud deletes reports 90 days after you run them. You cannot download a report after Genesys Cloud deletes it.

Download the most recent report

  1. Click Reports.
  2. In the report’s row, click the report’s file format in the Download column. The system downloads the report to your local Downloads folder. 

Download a previous report

  1. Click Reports
  2. In the report’s row, click View History
  3. On the report’s history page, in the Download column, click the report’s file format. The system downloads the report to your computer’s Downloads folder.