The Dialer Campaign Detailed Attempt History report displays outbound interaction attempts for one or more campaigns during a specific date and time range. It contains information, such as caller ID number and name, the total amount of time spent on wrap-up for the interaction, and the amount of time between the customer answering the call and the call transferring into an outbound flow. 

Note: If the interaction started on a date different than the specified date range for the report, the interaction is not included in the report.

The report sorts the interactions by date and by time. It includes the following information about outbound campaign interactions:

  • Whether the interaction connected to a remote party
  • Whether the interaction transferred to an agent
  • The unique ID of the contact
  • The call analysis result for each attempt
  • Amount of time to transfer the interaction to a flow
  • Amount of time to answer the interaction
  • Amount of time dialing and connecting the interaction
  • Amount of time before a party abandons the interaction
  • Wrap-up code that the agent assigned to the interaction
Note: Genesys recommends that you configure and use the .xls or .xlsx format of this report instead of the PDF format. Due to the number of columns, some data may not be visible in the .pdf format.

Dialer Campaign Attempt History report example

Report column Description
Date The date of the outbound interaction attempt.
Start time The time the campaign placed the call.
Time to Flow The length of time from when a customer answered the call to when the system transfers the call into an outbound flow. This column is empty if the call is in preview mode or if the call transferred to the queue.
Time to Agent The length of time that elapsed from when a customer answered the call to when an agent answered the call. This column is empty if the call is in preview mode, transferred to the outbound flow, or gets disconnected or abandoned before an agent answers it.
Dialing The length of time that the call spent dialing and ringing. For example, a call that rings for 15 seconds and then disconnects show Dialing as 15 seconds.
Time to Abandon The length of time the outbound call waits in queue before the customer abandons it.
Disconnect The time that the call disconnected.
Duration The length of the call from start time to disconnect.
DNIS The number dialed for the call.
Caller-ID The caller ID number displayed to the customer.
Caller-ID Name The caller ID name displayed to the customer.
System Disposition

The first attempt result automatically set by outbound dialing due to call analysis and events during the call. For more information about the data in this column, see Wrap-up codes assigned by outbound dialing.

Agent  The agents who handled the call.
Wrap-Up The wrap-up codes selected by agents.
Wrap-Up Duration The total amount of wrap-up time for the interaction. If more than one agent handled the call, such as a consult or transfer, then this time includes the wrap-up time for all agents involved. 
Contact ID The unique identifier given to the contact in the dialer contact list.
Contact List Name The name of the contact list associated with the call.
Campaign Name The campaign that the call belongs to. 

  • Interactions that have no data in the Duration, DNIS, or System Disposition columns represent interactions that an agent previews but skips the contact.
  • SMS campaigns are not supported in Dialer reports.