Data storage usage and charges

Fair use policy

Genesys is introducing a fair use policy for Data Storage for PureCloud. Customers can use up to the “fair use” data storage amounts allocated by user without charge. Tools are provided to track actual storage and the ability to adjust your retention policy. Customers electing to store data above the allocation are billed a charge per GB per month as outlined in this article. The fair use allocations are provided for your organization by counting the number of billable users of each license type during the period, and applying the allowance shown in the table below for each user to determine the total amount of allocated data storage for your organization during the period.

Genesys allows data to be retained on its platforms for the term of the PureCloud Agreement with Genesys. If you exceed your provided allocation as outlined on this page, you will be billed for storage.

Data storage allowance included with subscription 

Your PureCloud plan includes data storage. The monthly data storage allotment for your PureCloud Org is based on the following calculation:

    • Communicate: 5GB per billable user
    • PureCloud 1 (Named): 17.5GB per billable agent
    • PureCloud 2 (Named): 25GB per billable agent
    • PureCloud 3 (Named): 32.5GB per billable agent
    • PureCloud 1 (Concurrent): 22.75GB per billable agent
    • PureCloud 2 (Concurrent): 32.5GB per billable agent
    • PureCloud 3 (Concurrent): 42.25GB per billable agent

     Data storage charge examples

    Example 1: If company A purchases a PureCloud 2 Named user plan for 20 agents, they would have a combined data allowance of 500GB for their PureCloud org. The combined data allowance is a result of the 25GB per billable agent and the number of agents. The company is billed for all gigabytes of data storage over 500GB each month at a rate of $0.25/GB USD. If the customer’s actual storage for the month was 600GB, then the Data Storage Charge would be $25 USD for that month.

    Example 2: Company B has two PureCloud 2 Named users, each allocated at 25GB, providing an organizational allotment of 50 GB. User 1’s recordings can be 35GB and User 2’s recordings can be 15GB and Company B would not incur any charges, as the sum of the two users’ data storage is 50GB which is included in the organization’s data storage allocation.

    For more examples of data storage charges, see Data storage examples.

    Data storage charge price and product information

    If your organization exceeds the above allocation in a given month, you will be billed at the rate below for Data Storage consumed over the allocation amount.

    PureCloud Data Storage Overage Charge


    This charge is applied to PureCloud customers who exceed their data storage allocation. Data Storage Overage Charge bills per GB, charged monthly.



    0.25 0.275 0.325 0.35 0.175 0.20 0.75 30 3.55