Create a domain account for Bridge authentication

Use these instructions if you choose to authenticate the connectors by running the Bridge Server on an authorized domain account. This is the alternative to providing credentials for the connectors from the cloud.

  1. From the Active Directory Users and Computers directory, create a new user called “Genesys Cloud_Connector”:
    • Set the account so the password that does not expire.
    • User does not require an email address.
    • User can be created in the native Users folder or in the targeted OU container.
  2. Delegate authority for the user to manage Active Directory accounts:
    1. Select the OU where the target AD users are located
    2. Right-click and select Delegate Control.

    Delegate control

  3. Launch the Delegation of Control Wizard and click Next.
  4. Add the user created in Step 1 and click Next.

    Add Bridge user

  5. Select the tasks to delegate as shown below and click Next.
    • Create, delete, and manager user accounts
    • Read all user information

    Also select the following if you plan to deploy the Microsoft Exchange Connector to synchronize groups with distribution lists:

    • Create, delete and manage groups
    • Modify the membership of a group

    Tasks to delegate

  6. Click Finish to close the wizard.