Create a Twitter app for Genesys Cloud

Before you can configure ACD messaging for Twitter Direct Message in Genesys Cloud, you must create a Twitter app. You use Twitter’s developer site to create your Twitter app.

Disclaimer: Since Twitter’s developer site is considered a third party, the configuration information in this article is provided as general instruction and is subject to change by the third party. Best practice recommends that you review the third-party’s official documentation to confirm that you are following the most recent process.

To create a Twitter app, you must have a developer account. Twitter has three levels of developer accounts: Sandbox, Premium, and Enterprise. Any Twitter developer account works for creating a Twitter Direct Message app. The one you choose depends on your business needs. If you only use the App for integrating Twitter Direct Messages with Genesys Cloud, a Sandbox app should be sufficient.

For a Premium or Enterprise account, you need approval to get started and the approval process can take a couple of days to complete. For more information, see Twitter’s Apply for access page.

Note: If you already have a Twitter developer account, you can determine if it is a Premium or Enterprise account by checking the Account Activity API section in your Dev Environment Dashboard. If your app appears in this section, then you have a Premium or Enterprise account. If you are using a Premium or Enterprise account, take note of the Dev Environment Label name. You need this name to configure ACD messaging for Twitter Direct Message in Genesys Cloud. For more information, see Twitter’s Developer documentation.

Once you have approval for your developer account, create your Twitter app for use with Genesys Cloud. To do so, follow the instructions on Twitter’s Get started page

Note: While you can use an existing Twitter app for communication with Genesys Cloud, Genesys recommends that you create a separate app for use with Genesys Cloud.

When you set your app details, pay particular attention to the information in the following tabs. You need this information to configure ACD messaging for Twitter in Genesys Cloud.

Permissions tab

The default permissions (Read and Write) are not sufficient for you to create and configure a functioning Twitter Direct Message app for Genesys Cloud. Make sure that you have the Read, write, and direct messages permission.

Keys and tokens tab

Consumer API keys

  • API key
  • API secret key

Access token & access token secret

  • Access token
  • Access token secret

Twitter account setting

After you create your Twitter app for Genesys Cloud, it is important that you configure your business’s Twitter account to receive direct messages from anyone. If you fail to do so, customers using your Twitter Direct Message app cannot contact your agents in Genesys Cloud. You can find the Receive Direct Messages from anyone setting in the Privacy and safety section of your Twitter business account’s Settings menu.