Feature deprecation: For more information, see Deprecation: Genesys Dialog Engine.


The following permissions assigned to any user role:

  • Dialog > Bot > Add, Edit, View
  • Dialog > BotDomain > Add, Edit, View
  • Dialog > BotDomainModel > Add, Edit, View
  • Dialog > BotUtterance > Add, Edit, View 
  • Dialog > BotVersion > Add, Edit, View
  • Knowledge > Category > Add, Edit, View
  • Knowledge > Document > Add, Edit, View
  • Knowledge > KnowledgeBase > Add,, Edit, Search, View
  • Knowledge > Training > Create, Edit, View

Understand Genesys Dialog Engine

Genesys Dialog Engine is an intuitive bot builder that leverages native natural language understanding to produce smart bots which increase automation. Access the intuitive Genesys Dialog Engine workbench and discover how to quickly and easily create Q & A bots that you can implement immediately within your organization. You also have access to bot learning tools and performance checks.

Before you can use the Call Dialog Engine Bot action in an Architect flow, you must have a valid Genesys Dialog Engine bot. To create a bot, navigate to the Genesys Dialog Engine workbench

Note: Administrators can use any text-to-speech provider that is available in Architect flows for use with their installed bot integrations. The default text-to-speech provider for the Architect flow overrides the default text-to-speech engine provided natively by the bot in spoken text, providing a consistent text-to-speech voice profile across the Architect flow and the bots executed in that flow. For more information, see About text-to-speech (TTS) integrations

Access the Genesys Dialog Engine workbench

You can access the Genesys Dialog Engine workbench by using a URL specific to the AWS region where your Genesys Cloud organization was created. You can also access the workbench directly from the Genesys Cloud Architect Call Dialog Engine Bot action.

Access the workbench from a region-specific URL

Access to the Genesys Dialog Engine workbench varies by region. Enter the URL as follows: https://apps.[your region’s host]/dialog-engine, replacing [your region’s host] with the appropriate Genesys Cloud region. 

AWS Region


US East (N. Virginia) https://apps.mypurecloud.com/dialog-engine
US East 2 (Ohio) Not supported
South America (São Paulo) Not supported
US West (Oregon)


EU (Ireland)


EU (Frankfurt)


EU (London)


Asia Pacific (Mumbai) https://login.aps1.pure.cloud/dialog-engine
Asia Pacific (Seoul) https://login.apne2.pure.cloud/dialog-engine
Asia Pacific (Sydney)


Asia Pacific (Tokyo)


Access the workbench from the Architect Call Dialog Engine bot action

You can also access the Genesys Dialog Engine workbench from the Call Dialog Engine Bot action. To create a Genesys Dialog Engine Bot from Architect, perform these steps:

  1. In Architect, open a State or Task action for an inbound chat, email, or message flow.
  2. From the Architect toolbox, expand the Data category and drag a Call Dialog Engine Bot action into the task editor.
  3. Under Dialog Engine Bot, click the arrow   to open the Genesys Dialog Engine in a new tab and create a new bot.

For more information about how to create a Genesys Dialog Engine bot, see the Genesys Dialog Engine User Guide.