Create a Facebook app for PureCloud

Before you can configure and test ACD messaging for Facebook Messenger in PureCloud, you must create a Facebook app. You’ll use Facebook’s developer site to create your Facebook app.

Disclaimer: Since Facebook’s developer site is considered a third-party, the configuration information in this article is provided as general instruction and is subject to change by the third-party. Best practice recommends that you review the third-party’s official documentation to confirm that you are following the most recent process.

When you create a Facebook app for testing, only Facebook app administrators and designated testers will be able to use the app to send messages thru your Facebook page and have it route those messages into PureCloud.

In order to use your Facebook app in a live environment, you must have your app approved by Facebook. Once your app is approved, any Facebook user can use Facebook Messenger to send messages to PureCloud.

To set up and obtain proper approval for your Facebook app, you must:

If you already have an existing, approved Facebook app, you can use it by configuring your app with specific PureCloud information specified in this article.

If you create a new Facebook app, you must understand that the type of Facebook app that you create uses Facebook Messenger permissions. As such, you must submit your app for review by Facebook. The review process can take a week or more to complete. For more information, see Facebook’s App Review for Facebook page.

To create your Facebook app, follow the instructions on Facebook’s App Development page. 

App permissions

When you configure your app, be sure that is has the following permissions before you submit it for approval. Doing so ensures that your Facebook app functions correctly with PureCloud.

App Dashboard

When you set your app details on the App Dashboard, pay particular attention to the following fields as they must provide information specific to PureCloud.

App Domains

When filling in the app domains, you must add all the PureCloud domains in which you want to communicate. More specifically, you must add a domain for each region that you want to be able send and receive ACD messages. For example, to communicate in the EU Frankfort and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) regions, you add and 

Region Domain
US East (N. Virginia)
US West (Oregon)
EU (Ireland)
EU (Frankfurt)
Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)


While you can select any category you want, Genesys recommends that you select Messaging.

App ID and App Secret

Take note of two pieces of information on the App dashboard – the App ID and App Secret. You need this information when you configure ACD messaging for Facebook Messenger in PureCloud.

Note: Once you have your Facebook app up and running, it is important to keep in mind that you should respond to an inbound message from Facebook within 24 hours.