Contact Center dashboard


The following permissions (included in the PureCloud Supervisor default role):

  • Analytics > Conversation Aggregate > View
  • Analytics > Queue Observation > View
  • RoutingQueueView
  • UI > Supervisor Dashboard > View

To access the Contact Center dashboard, click Performance > Overview. The Contact Center dashboard uses dashlets to enable administrators, managers, and supervisors to monitor real-time contact center activity.

Note: The information in this dashboard is limited to the queues in divisions that you have access to with the RoutingQueueView permission. For more information about divisions, see About access control.
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Dashlets are the various displays of information found on the user’s dashboard. Contact Center dashboard dashlets include:

Dashlet Description
Service Level % Trend This dashlet shows the service level met and missed percentage trends for each queue in the organization during the last 24 hours. To meet the interval-level service level goals, supervisors forecast and staff contact centers down to the 30-minute interval. These forecasts ensure that the contact center has the correct number of skilled agents staffed to handle the workload demand to meet the service level interval for the day. This process includes forecasting for workload, shrinkage, % occupancy, and schedule adherence. slatrend
Interval Service Level % Deviation This dashlet shows the service level amount as a percentage of how far a queue is from meeting its service level goal.

Service level is a derived metric expressed as “X percent of contacts answered in Y seconds.” Service level targets consider the customers’ expectations, interaction types, department/business goals, staffing, and more. The service level provides insight into the customer service provided and staffing.

Calculations include:

  • (Calls Answered in Y Seconds / (Total Calls Answered + Total Calls Abandoned)) * 100%
  • (Calls Answered in Y Seconds / Total Calls Answered) * 100%

For instance, a goal of answering 80% of calls within 20 seconds gives a service level target of 80/20. Given an 80/20 service level, in the example, Customer Satisfaction, and Development are at 100%, Marketing is at 67% (80%-13%) and Support is at 0%.


Interval ASA This dashlet shows the average speed to answer in seconds for each queue in the organization during the current interval shown. Average Speed to Answer (ASA) is the average amount of time before an interaction connects to a user. intasa
Interval Abandon % This dashlet shows the interval abandon percentage for each queue in the organization. The abandon rate is the percentage of interactions that customers abandoned before an agent answered.intabandon
Customers Interacting

This dashlet shows the interacting customer count for each queue in the organization during the current interval.

customers interacting

Customers Waiting This dashlet shows the number of customers waiting in each queue in the organization during the current interval. Customers waiting