Connector log files for Bridge Server connectors


The following permissions:

  • Bridge > Server File > View and Request

Bridge Server connectors include standard log files that record all events that have occurred in the execution of the programs. These files allow for tracking and diagnosis.

There are two types of connector log files:

  • ininbridgehost_{X}: these log files are created when the Bridge Server loads the connector.
  • {connector group name}_{X}.ininlog: these log files include both traces from connector and configuration loading, and any traces logged by the connector. These log files are created every day and each time the connector is restarted.

For copies of these log files, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Connector Details page.
    • At the top of the Admin page, click Admin > Integrations.
    • Click Bridge.
    • Click the Connectors tab.
    • Click the connector whose log files you want to view.
  2. In the Instances section, click Logs.
  3. Click Request Connector logs.
  4. Click a file to download.

Both types of connector log files are included in the downloaded .zip file.