Connector Details page

The Connector Details page lets you configure integration settings for a Bridge Connector group.

Control Action
Connector details

Shows information about the connector:

  • Connector — Connector name, platform, and version
  • Status — Online or offline
  • Configuration — Number of instances

Connector details

Description field Shows notes on the Manage Connectors page describing the purpose of the integration.Connector Description field
Configuration settings Contains controls for configuring the integration. These controls are different for each connector type.Connector Configuration settings
Credentials details Specifies the credentials used for connector authentication. Connector Credentials section
Change credentials button Opens the Change Credentials for connector window to add or change credentials.Change credentials button
Delete credentials button Removes credentials from the connector.Delete credentials button
Instances settings Manages the instances of the connector.Connector Instances section
Add Instance button Adds a row to the Instances table to configure a new instance. At least two instances of each connector are recommended for fault tolerance.Add Instance button
Enabled/Disabled radio buttons Indicates whether the connector instance is active and ready.Connector Enabled-Disabled radio buttons
Control buttons Provides controls to start, stop, restart, and delete the connector instance.Connector Control buttons
Status indicators Shows whether the connector is online or offline and which connector is the leader.Connector status indicators
Troubleshooting links Opens pages to access data for troubleshooting. These features are intended for use by Genesys Cloud Support in the event of an error with a Bridge integration. Troubleshooting links
Version number Indicates the version of the connector software.Bridge Connector version number
Server Details link Opens the Server Details page for the Bridge Server running the connector instance.Server Details link
Set Server link Opens the Set Server window to select the Bridge Server where the connector is installed.Set Server link