Configure the Workday Connector

  1. Click the Connector Details tab.
  2. Under Credentials, click Configure to add Workday user credentials for connector authentication.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. In Properties, enter the following data.

    In this field… Do this…
    Service Base

    Enter the base service name for the Workday web services. The default is

    Note: If you do not know the base service name (and tenant name) for the Workday web services for your organization, find it in Workday or contact your Workday administrator. 

    Tenant Name Enter the tenant name assigned by Workday. Tenant name is the portion of the URI after / when using browser login for Workday, for example, stateofindiana. This field is case sensitive.
    Workday ID Filter If you do not want all Workday users to sync with Genesys Cloud, enter a filter with the subset of users to include. The value is a comma or semicolon separated list of Workday IDs, or regular expression starting with ‘regex:’.
    Log Level

    Select the level of detail to include in the logs:

    • DEBUG — Fine-grained informational events most useful for debugging.
    • TRACE — Finer-grained informational events than DEBUG.
    • INFO — Information messages that highlight the progress at the coarse-grained level.
    • WARN — Messages about potentially harmful situations.
    • ERROR — Error event that might still allow the application to continue running.
    • FATAL — Severe error events that will lead the application to abort. 
  5. In Advanced, edit the mappings to match your profile synchronization scheme. For a comprehensive list of mappings for Workday default and additional fields, see Workday Connector external fields.

    For help, see Edit the JSON configuration.

  6. Click Save Draft to continue editing this configuration later, or click Save and Publish to send the configuration to the Bridge Connector.