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Administrators can choose whether to include flow-outs, short abandons, or abandoned calls in their contact center’s service level calculations.

For more information about service level, see the service level glossary term. Service level is visible in several queue-based views and reports, such as the Queues Activity Summary view and Queue Metrics Daily report

For information on how to set the short abandon number of seconds, see Configure abandon intervals for the Abandon Intervals Metric view

Note: This setting applies retroactively. When you change this setting, the service level data for past dates in views and future reports update to reflect the change. The data does not update in any reports that have already run.

To select whether to include flowouts and short abandons in calculations, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Analytics.
  3. Under Service Level Calculations Options, enable:
    • Include Flowouts in Calculation
    • Include Short Abandons in Calculation
    • Include Abandons in Calculation

The service level percentage calculation is:

(Number of answered interactions – number of answered interactions that miss the service level target) / ((Number of answered interactions + number of abandoned interactions) + (Calculation Option Switch Setting(s))) * 100

Where Calculation Option Switch Setting(s) in the denominator are:

Include Flowouts: Add Number of Flowouts (+ Number of Flowouts)

When Include Short Abandons in Calculation is disabled: Subtract Number of Short Abandoned Interactions (– Number of Short Abandons)

When Include Abandons in Calculation is disabled: Subtract Number of  Abandoned Interactions (– Number of  Abandons)